One sip takes you to Greece!

Greece has an enchanting landscape and subsoil, with many mountains, a few lowlands and only three big plains, where a great range of native grape varieties thrive. The Mediterranean climate of Greece, with the strong sunshine, the long, dry summer and the impressive alterations of water, dry lands and highlands, creates the ideal circumstances for the growth and fruiting of local wine making grape varieties. The different “terroir” of wine producing regions puts its stamp on each wine's personality and offers complexity.

The wine produced in Greece is a key component of the Mediterranean diet, the nutritional benefits of which have been recognized worldwide. In recent years, many food and wine specialists have shared insight on the Greek grape varieties... take a look at our News page for yourself.

Discover Real Greek Wines

Have you seen the natural beauty of Greek vineyards, some dating back to ancient times? Watch our videos to see how our deliciously unique wines are made in Greece.