Rhodes Varieties

Rhodes Varieties

Athiri | P.D.O. Rhodes

Athiri is an ancient white grape variety of the Aegean Sea, which was used for centuries to produce exquisite white dry wines. Suits amazingly in conditions of arid and hot Aegean Sea islands and flourishes in a wide variety of soils. It offers dry whites, sweet and sparkling wines. On its own, it gives medium-to-high alcohol dry wines with fine, elegant aromas of citrus (lemon blossom) and other fruits (pineapple, peach, melon). They have soft, balanced flavor and low to moderate acidity, freshness and vitality. However, the top results are achieved at high-altitude vineyards wine, also P.D.O. Rhodes, or when combined with Assirtiko. The simple, light structure and mild flavor make Athiri wines suitable for a wide range of dishes, even those difficult to combine with wine. Greeks enjoy it as an aperitif, with traditional dishes of Greek cuisine during the hot summer.

Mandilaria | P.D.O. Rhodes

The red Mandilaria, or Amorgiano as the locals call it, is the second most important P.D.O. variety of the island after Athiri. It produces a wine with a deep dark color, aromas of overripe fruits, leather scents that is medium-bodied, with unruly, robust tannins. To harness the the rampant nature of Mandilaria takes hard work both in the vineyard and in the winery. However, after being bottled for a few years, it is probably the best way to find ourselves in front of a European wine, whose flavors transports us to the wonderful place of origin.

Muscat Trani | P.D.O. Rhodes

Muscat Trani is a clone of the Muscat brought by the Italians from the town of Puglia, near Bari, during the occupation of Dodecanese. The cultivation of the variety was preserved in Rhodes at selected vineyards in low fields. The liqueur wines with P.D.O. indication ‘Muscat of Rhodes’ can be naturally sweet (vin naturellement doux) or natural sweet (vin doux naturel – vin de liqueur) and are characterized by intense golden yellow color and seductive scents of bitter orange peel, lemon, and a hint of rose aromas. As a wine, it can be produced as a semi-dry aromatic white, rosé and aromatic type sparkling.

Malagouzia | P.G.I. Dodecanese

The Malagouzia is a highly successful indigenous grape variety with great recognition. Malagouzia wines are typical aromatic white wines, lively and complex with soft yellow color and an intense, highly expressive scent, with hints of peach, green pepper, basil and flowers. On the palate, the wine is round, full, but always fresh, with moderately high levels of alcohol. The perfect accompaniment to vegetables and salads in general, even artichokes, which are known for their difficulty in combining with wine. In a combination of 70% Athiri and 30% Malagouzia, it is designated as the new white P.D.O. Rhodes.

Mavrothiriko | P.G.I. Dodecanese

Mavrothiriko, or black Athiri, is an ancient Greek variety that revived in the last five years and is expected to be characterized as the variety-quintessential renaissance of Greek modern red wines. The harvest is early and starts in late August. Mavrothiriko produces wines with rich red color, high in alcohol, aromas of ripe red fruits such as blackcurrant, cherry with soft velvety tannins and a round body. In a combination of 70% Mandilaria and 30% Mavrothiriko, it is designated as the new red P.D.O. Rhodes.

Assyrtiko | P.G.I. Aegean Sea

Assyrtiko is one of Greece’s most fascinating and unique indigenous white grape varieties. It can be cultivated in warm and dry climate retaining high sugar content and vivid acidity. It produces wines with fresh flowery aromas and minerals. Assyrtiko wine can accompany a wide variety of dishes from seafood to red meat. In a combination of 70% Athiri and 30% Malagouzia, it is designated as the new white P.D.O. Rhodes.