Tyrnavos Varieties

Tyrnavos Varieties

P.G.I. Thessalikos

The dry white wine that honors Tyrnavos, brings in the wealth of the Thessalian land, made with care by hand-picked grapes of fine varieties Bantiki (30%) and Roditis (70%). The bright golden color, delicate aroma, and the rich fruity flavor makes us seriously believe that we discovered the nectar of the gods… and we offer it to you.

Tyrnavos Black Muscat

Tyrnavos Black Muscat (synonymous to Hamburg Muscat) came from the mix between Schiava Grossa (Italian Origin) and Alexandria Muscat (Egyptian Origin). Cultivated for first time in Tyrnavos around 1930, it emerged as the dominant variety grown on 3,700 acres. The micro-climatic conditions and aroma make unique wines—especially the impression created by the demi-sweet and sweet wines, as well as the white, rose and the red wines.  The sparkling wines are particularly aromatic. Tyrnavos Muscat produces special quality distillate. Research has shown that Tyrnavos Tsipouro (distillate with recognized geographical recognition) contains high quality substances of the grape.


The indigenous variety known as Roditis (Fox), is amongst the best Greek vineyard variety. It is cultivated extensively throughout the country at over 23,400 acres. Through the years, the Roditis variety has been extensively cultivated in the Tyrnavos area as it produces high quality white wines with the Roditis (Fox) brand considered to be at the peak of quality.


Bantiki is a white grape that is only found in the Tyrnavos region. The grape is derived from Mesopotamia and was brought to Greece when the country was under Ottoman Empire rule. The unique characteristic of the grape produces an exceptional wine.


Limniona is a red variety that was cultivated in Tyrnavos prior to 1930 but unfortunately the vineyards were naturally destroyed. In recent years, the cultivation of Limniona started again producing high quality red wines and promises major development in the future.

Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

These grape varieties have been cultivated in Tyrnavos for many years and are recognized throughout the world. Individually or in combination, the varieties provide high-level quality red wines rich in tannins and color with intense aromas and ideal for long aging.

Ugni Blanc & Sauvignon Blanca

The white grape variety, Ugni Blanc (Italian origin), produces high volumes in warm climates. Although it is cultivated in several Greek areas, it is popular in Tyrnavos vineyards. The variety produces neutral taste wines and can be mixed with other white varieties.

Sauvignon Blanc is another white grape variety that can be cultivated in many areas of the world. It produces high-quality dry wines, with a characteristic aroma, rich body and excellent balance.


Assyritiko is the noblest white variety of the Greek vineyard in recent years cultivated in Tyrnavos. It produces quality aged balanced wines with good acidity.